Patriot National Committee (Patriot Party)

Updated: Aug 17

UPDATE August 17th 2021;

We are moving our official HQ to Fort Mill South Carolina and are currently looking for appropriate

commercial space there. We will be launching a new Media Division under Patriot Media Corps to

produce new TV & Radio content. We will be creating a new fundraising platform to build out this HQ and

production division to promote America First candidates running in the GOP Primaries or as Independent

"Patriot" Candidates. (End of update)

We are very pleased to announce that Patriot National Committee LLC has been filed and accepted by the FEC!

This National PAC will work with and support state registered Patriot Party PACs through financial support for their campaigns, however our primary support will be by producing media for these PACs and campaigns and purchasing advertising for them in Print, Radio, TV and on digitally based platforms.

The people behind the Patriot National Committee PAC LLC and Patriot Media Corps, our production arm, are experienced media professionals with decades of individual experience in Film, TV, Live Streaming and Live Events. Conservative Patriots all and dedicated to creating a counter narrative to the Mainstream Media's vilification of anyone Patriotic towards America!

The National Committee PAC will work with the states on getting ballot access for PATRIOT candidates in their state by supporting signature drives. We can help to take on some of the printing costs, and buying advertising to support these drives.

Patriot Media Corps Team

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