We're Back!!!

Greetings Fellow Patriots!

I have been traveling for many months now. From state to state and across our nation. I have also been working as a video editor for a well known conservative leader on their TV show, Podcast and Teaching modules, so needless to say my plate has been very full.

However I am back on thos platform and will be communicating with those of you that are still here and wanting to remain in the fight to Save Our Republic.

The Conservative Populist movement, though it may not appear so, has been gaining traction across the nation. Whether this can become a real Patriot Party, remains to be seen. However I believe enough people have seen the light of the left's maniacal power grab and lust for control over our lives to make a difference. So many have awakened to the RINOs spineless lack of action in the Republican Party now and see clearly that they are in collusion with the Davo,s agaenda to usher in the Great Reset.

We CANNOT allow this to happen.

We are witnessing not only in America, but in nations like Australia, Canada, Austira and others, atrocities that we fought against in the second Wolrd War. We were once a nation that fought against Socialism and Communism, but now it is infecting every level of government from City to State and to our Federal so called leadership.

We are seeing a systematic destruction and disregard of our Constitutionally protected LIBERTY and thos can no longer stand.

If you are ready to make a difference, ready to make a stand against this Tyranny, ready to see the Patriot Party rise up and take over positions of leadership, then write to me @ patriotmediacorps@protonmail.com

Long Live The Great Republic of the United States of America!

William Johnson

National Chair

Patriot National Committee

Patriot Party of the USA

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