Save America Conferences

Over the next several months the Patriot National Committee will be scheduling a series of "Save America" conferences that will tackle the issues of Voter Integrity, Forced Mandates and the return to Constitutional Conservatism in our beloved Republic.

We will invite local leaders throughout America to take part in these conferences.

These events can be as small as a group of politically minded Patriots meeting in a home with their circle of influence, or as large as a Convention Center.

Our goal is to awaken Patriots across America to the danger of CRT, Socialism and Communism being pushed in our schools and in our City, Sate and Federal governmental body.

If you are interested in hosting a Save America Conference in your town, or being a speaker at one of our events, please contact William Johnson at

As we build bridges within our communities and tear down walls of division and break the chains of fear, together we can assure the America Shall Be Saved!

May God Bless America!

E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, One!

One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

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